In May of 2020, a handful of student board members and student advocates got together to execute their vision for an organization that uplifts, empowers, and advocates for student board members across California. The California Student Board Member Association (CSMBA) is an organization that allows for student board members to achieve their full potential and better serve fellow students within their school district, as well as make a larger impact on education advocacy on a statewide level. CSBMA works to bring the California education system into a new generation where students, the primary stakeholders of education, are leaders in helping to build a stronger education system. Through help from the California Student Board Member Association, student board members across California can tackle the issues they face by having the resources necessary to effectively understand and act in the interest of their fellow students. CSBMA collaborations provide all student board members with a platform in which they can openly communicate with one another, allowing students to adopt useful practices.

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