Student Bill of Rights Workshop

On Wednesday, December 16 of the year 2020, CSBMA hosted a virtual workshop that explained the Student Bill of Rights

The CSBMA Curriculum Committee headed by Léo Corzo-Clark taught delegates how to write and present a Student Bill of Rights to their District Board of Education. A Student Bill of Rights is essentially a working document that lists the rights of students within a school district. A Student Bill of Rights protects students’ right to quality education and allows students to feel safe when speaking out against inequities in their school district. The purpose of creating a Student Bill of Rights is for students to have easy access to their rights as students; a Student Bill of Rights should include student rights listed in existing board policy and it should be publicized online and on school sites. 

CSBMA delegates also practiced how to coordinate public comments. Students and community members are allowed to express their views or ask questions within public hearings at district board meeting. Public comments are essential to approving resolutions, like the Student Bill of Rights, at board meetings. Board members are more likely to vote for a resolution if students publicly support the resolution. Public comments from students are an excellent way to show support for resolutions. 
Click here for a Mock Student Bill of Rights Resolution and here for a sample backup.

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