California Student Board Member Association Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Uphold Lower Court Decision in Landmark Student Speech Case

In the Supreme Court case Mahanoy Area School District vs. B.L. 20-255, the California Student Board Member Association stands with B.L. and recognizes her right to express opinions and frustrations about school through social media. As Student Board Members, we have the unique role of bridging the pervasive disconnect between district administration and the lived experiences of students. Free speech is the cornerstone of student advocacy as well as the primary vehicle through which we convey information to our adult colleagues and the public. In the twenty-first century, social media provides a critical platform where students can voice their day-to-day experiences to others. It is essential for the operation of schools that students continue to have this avenue to speak their minds as a means of ensuring honest communication between students and their school system. A potential ruling against the respondent would grant school districts unprecedented authority over the right of students to share their concerns, speak out, and have open dialogue off campus. This systemic overreach would damage our ability as Student Board Members to present a full picture of student experience to school districts across the state. The California Student Board Member Association stands in support of student free speech and urges the Supreme Court to rule in favor of the student.

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