Workshop: LCAP Presentation (Part 1)

On Wednesday evening, Student Board members and our student advocacy partners met to hear from the CSBMA Curriculum Committee about the LCAP and how SBMs can use their rights to influence this incredibly important policy. 

Léo Corzo-Clark opened the meeting followed by a brief history of the California LCAP and explanation of the main principles that guide the LCAP. This policy focuses especially with transparency and engaging stakeholders in local districts. The state continues to work to increase transparency, streamline the information, and establish metrics in districts to measure progress. 

Student perspectives are vital to giving feedback to the district on what priorities should be set. Many aspects of funding are set in stone, but SBMs should feel empowered to join district advisory groups that can collectively influence direction with a wide variety of stakeholder perspectives. 

Following the presentation on the LCAP, students gathered in break out rooms to participate in a choose-your-own adventure themed activity to practice the necessary steps for SBMs to achieve rights to participate in the LCAP process. Students then gathered again as a whole to play an LCAP themed Kahoot game.

Thank you to Léo Corzo-Clark, Addie Craig, Isa Sheikh, and Joe Brawdy from the Curriculum Committee for being such amazing facilitators and presenters. 

Attached to this email is the slidedeck from tonight’s presentation with helpful links, as well as a Sample Bylaws document for SBM rights. These resources will be helpful in guiding your understanding of the LCAP and how it impacts your constituents. Please contact Léo Corzo-Clark: if you want to set up a one on one collaboration meeting with our resource team. 

Thank you to all the students who came and we hope you took away a better understanding of the intricacies of the LCAP. The second workshop will be an in-depth exploration of each of the eight LCAP priorities, and how each priority is connected to serving students in your district. There will also be a segment on using the LCAP to leverage change in your district. The second workshop will be held on March 17th from 6-7. We hope to see you there!

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