Workshop: LCAP Presentation (Part 2)

Thank you to the students who came to CSBMA’s most recent LCAP workshop. This meeting focused on the priorities of the LCAP and how to use your position to make the most profound impact. Those that attended had an opportunity to examine some of the state priorities and how these goals form this guiding policy. 

The information that the Curriculum Committee puts together goes a long way in breaking down complicated policies and puts the power in your hands when you are able to understand these materials. The goal of this workshop series is to empower SBMs to have the expertise to use the LCAP to lift up the voices of their peers. 

A huge thank you to our presenters, Léo Corzo-Clark, Joe Brawdy, Isa Sheikh, Fatima Kamara, and Addie Craig for their leadership and insights into how SBMs can make the most impact in their district with the LCAP. 

Attached to this email is the presentation from last night. These resources will be helpful in guiding your understanding of the LCAP and how it impacts your constituents. Please contact Léo Corzo-Clark: if you want to set up a one on one collaboration meeting with our resource team. 

Stay tuned to future workshops and training conferences as we prepare for new leaders to begin partnering with CSBMA. 

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