Policy Committee

What We Do:

The CSBMA Policy committee is a group of passionate individuals working to advocate for student rights through a legislative lens. As a Policy Committee, we define the Policy Goals of the executive cabinet and ensure these goals are accurately portrayed through the legislation we support. Whether we choose to support already organized and established legislation or advocate for the introduction of unique new legislation, we are committed strongly fighting for what we so choose. We may additionally promote broader policy goals in hopes of best representing all Californian students. As a committee, we meet regularly to discuss our goals and the most beneficial and efficient route of achievement.

Why We Do It:

As a group, CSBMA hold the best interest of California students, and student board members, at heart. We hope to continue the evolution of student’s rights in our state through our policy decisions, endorsements, and legislative support. Our local governing boards can often be the most powerful change-makers within our schools and communities, and if we may inspire or acquire change within these local political arenas, we hope students across California may feel the benefit of a more robust and inclusive education. 

Our Policy Goals for 2020-2021

Our policy goals & legislative support are built around the following tenets:

Student Equity and Inclusion

Student & Student Board Member Rights

Mental Wellness

Student Board Members:

If you are interested in joining the Policy Committee, please fill out this short form.

The head of Policy Committee is the CSBMA Policy Director Michelle Alas. She is Student Board Member for the Mt. Diablo Unified School District. Michelle has been an advocate for education equity for over a year, having been recognized as one of the top three 2020-2021 State Student Board Member finalists, serving as Policy Director for GENup, and serving as Region 4 President of the California Association of Student Councils (CASC). Michelle is an ardent advocate for student representation, social justice, and democracy, and is attending Brown University in the fall. She is excited to make fair education accessible to everyone in her district and the state of California.

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