Curriculum Committee

What We Do

The Student Board Member Curriculum Committee works to develop resources for Student Board Members across California. These resources will include overviews of important aspects of California’s education system, such as where schools get their money or the roles of teachers unions within a district, as well as create outlines and host workshops to help student board members pass initiatives in their own local school districts.

Why We Do It

At CSBMA, we are all too familiar with the fact that many student board members are left going in blind when they begin their terms, and the learning curve for them to become effective in their duties often wastes a large portion of their term. It is crucial for a student board member to be well-informed in order to be effective within their district. Otherwise, the role becomes largely symbolic and leaves room for districts to ignore student voices. To ensure this doesn’t happen, CSBMA is working hard to equip student board members with the toolset needed to make meaningful change within their school districts.

Members of CSBMA

gain access to the entire collection of curriculum, action plans, and resources created by the Curriculum Committee.

Student Board Members:

If you are interested in joining the Curriculum Committee, please fill out this short form.

Léo Corzo-Clark, Student Board Member of Albany Unified School District, is the chair of the Curriculum Committee and the Director of Student Board Members Resources for the California Student Board Member Association. Léo has been involved with his School Board for many years as the first student representative on his district’s Local Control and Accountability Planning Committee and as a member of his high school’s Student Body Leadership.

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