At CSBMA, we equip student board members for success.

We recognize that student representation is critical to creating an educational system that effectively serves its students. By joining CSBMA, you will gain access to a wealth of personal and written resources to help you best represent your peers.


with other student board members from across the state.

As a member of CSBMA, you become part of a community of student board members who can give you advice and ideas about how to support your district. Connecting with other student board members gives you a network of support that you can rely on and work with to create more widespread change.


curriculum and other resources.

As student board members, we receive varying degrees of guidance when we begin our role, and are often lost in the world of educational policy. CSBMA strives to prepare student board members for their role by providing written and live resources, created for student board members, by student board members.


educational legislation in California.

Being part of CSBMA gives you an opportunity to work with other student board members to create and push for legislation that will better serve students and student board members.


new opportunities for student leadership.

Part of CSBMA’s mission is to create student board member positions on school boards that do not already offer them. Through our Take a Seat Campaign, we work with members of the community to ensure all students are represented!


student board members as a valuable member of the California education system.

By working on a unified front, we can implement change and make student board members a recognizable and powerful force in the education world.

Ready to join our network?

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