Workshop Series

On October 14, CSBMA hosted a virtual workshop for their members focused on the newly established California State Seal of Civic Engagement and Mental Health days in the context of school absences.

Presented by Michelle Alas, delegates learned more about the newly initiated California State Seal of Civic Engagement and how to implement this within their local districts. This Seal is a graduation recognition for students who are already participating in and are knowledgeable about their democracy. It encourages and creates pathways for pupils in elementary and secondary schools to become civically engaged in democratic government institutions at the local, state, and national levels. Bringing the State Seal of Civic Engagement to your district will further the vision in assuring that all California students, particularly those from historically marginalized communities, will have early and frequent access throughout their PK-12 education to high-quality civic learning opportunities that enable students to learn about civic and political issues, discuss and deliberate issues while considering multiple viewpoints, and work with others to take informed action to address to real world problems. Resources to pass this legislation and bring this historic recognition to your community can be found in the California State Seal of Civic Engagement presentation. 

CSBMA President Zachary Patterson presented an opportunity for student board members in California to take the lead in establishing excusable mental health days in their local districts. The conversation surrounding this issue has been ongoing in states like Oregon and Utah where students took the lead to pass statewide legislation that permitted students to have an excused absence from school for mental health reasons of any kind. A sample resolution for beginning this process can be found in this presentation along with comprehensive strategies to succeed in putting mental health days into practice in your district.


In May of 2020, a handful of student board members and student advocates got together to execute their vision for an organization that uplifts, empowers, and advocates for student board members across California. The California Student Board Member Association (CSMBA) is an organization that allows for student board members to achieve their full potential and better serve fellow students within their school district, as well as make a larger impact on education advocacy on a statewide level. CSBMA works to bring the California education system into a new generation where students, the primary stakeholders of education, are leaders in helping to build a stronger education system. Through help from the California Student Board Member Association, student board members across California can tackle the issues they face by having the resources necessary to effectively understand and act in the interest of their fellow students. CSBMA collaborations provide all student board members with a platform in which they can openly communicate with one another, allowing students to adopt useful practices.