Region Leads

CSBMA needs YOU to be a Region Lead!

Region Leads work closely with the CSBMA Communications Director and the two Directors of Local Relations to facilitate communication in their respective region. There are 21 CSBMA regions and the Executive Cabinet appoints one Region Lead for every Region. Every region is made up, on average, of three California Counties.

Region Lead Duties

  • REACH OUT to local districts in your respective region to recruit Student Board Members to CSBMA.
  • INSTALL Student Board Members in your respective region on school boards by working with the Take a Seat Campaign.
  • MEET with Student Board Members weekly in your respective region and update them on CSBMA efforts. 
  • ATTEND regular Local Relations meetings lead by the Communications Director and the Local Relations Directors.
  • COMMUNICATE with Student Board Members in your respective region to update them on upcoming CSBMA workshops and initiatives.

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