Expansion Committee

What We Do

The Student Board Member Expansion Committee, also known as the Take a Seat Campaign, works on a local level to place students on their local Boards of Education through outreach and direct support of local students. This committee will provide guidance to any student who participates in the Take a Seat Campaign with specific steps, resources, and other materials, working to make the process of integrating prospective student board members on their local Boards of Education as efficient as possible.

Why We Do It

At CSBMA, we believe student voice and advocacy is crucial to the success of your school district. Student board members are the bridge between the students and the board, liaisons who ensures that the youth are well represented when school boards make decisions about our education. Furthermore, student board members create a more civically engaged student body, by informing them of relevant issues and proposals that are being discussed at the district level. If your district doesn’t have a student board member, it’s time for that to change.


If you are interested in placing a student on your local Board of Education, please fill out this short form.

Student Board Members:

If you are interested in joining the Expansion Committee, please fill out this short form.

Brian Lin, Student Board Member of Alameda Unified School District, is the director of the Take a Seat Campaign and the chair of the Expansion Committee of the California Student Board Member Association. In this capacity, he oversees day-to-day operations of the Take a Seat Campaign and works to orient prospective student board members that are interested in being placed on their local Board of Education.

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