Task Forces

What is a Task Force?

Task forces are temporary groups of student board members assigned to complete a specific task. Once the task is completed, the task force is dissolved.

Our current task forces are dedicated to establishing CSBMA: the website, the database of student board members, and the rules for charter schools. If you are interested in assisting in these efforts, please fill out the Google form below.

Website Task Force

The Website Task Force is creating the interface for the California Student Board Member Association, and is currently developing the portal for student board member resources.

Database Creation Task Force

The Database Creation Task Force is working to create a comprehensive spreadsheet of all student board members in California and their contact information. This work is essential for CSBMA’s outreach efforts and for the Take a Seat Campaign to begin their work.

Charter School Task Force

The Charter School Task Force is designed to create a recommendation to the CSBMA Executive Cabinet on a new policy regarding charter school student board members. We ask that only student board members from charter schools join this task force.

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